Sarion Unglad

King of the Drow! (Or thinks he is)


Sarion’s life started in the underdark, like most drow. His mother possessed an infernal bloodline and his father was a necromantic wizard. His parents realized an opportunity has come to them amidst the birth of their son. They believed he could possess a power beyond many; they wanted him to overthrow the drow government. They raised him to lie, kill, and cheat his way to power.
This training went on for fifteen years, and Sarion eventually did as he was told to do. Many years past by, and Sarion managed to overthrow many political officials, and he soon became a right-hand to the queen of the Drow. His plan was perfect; he was going to charm the queen into drinking some venomous wine, and was so close to becoming King of the Drow. He knew that he would have to be accepted as king then. He was so close to achieving his ambition; so close to having the ultimate, unquestionable authority!
But something happened…something so fast and unexpected…

Lutara ordered Sarion to kill Codwin if he wished to keep his life, but After Sarion’s attempt to murder codwin failed, he felt hopeless. Codwin gave him a second chance, and Sarion gladly accepted it. He felt eager to prove himself to have good inside of him, and knew that he would be safe with the help of his allies, so ultimately developed new intentions.
Things began to change again, however, once Sarion found research notes. The magic was so similar to his own, and had many foundations that he took interest in. He did not think much about it at the time, however.

Once the party confronted Lutara for the last time, mixed feelings stirred within Sarion. During the battle, he became envious of her power, and never truly expected someone to be capable of controlling such an army of undead. She was the true symbol of power to him. There was only one problem: Lutara was in his way. He wanted to be in control.

After Lutara was killed, Sarion felt a certain relief in him. He felt that he once more had control of his life, with no threat of being killed by Lutara. Not only did he feel this, but he felt an opportunity before him, and if you know Sarion, you know that he will never let an opportunity go.

Sarion wanted to stay in the facility, but the others were heading back, so he did as well as to not arouse any suspicion and followed them.
The child Sarion saw gave him and odd interest. He did not know who she was, but he knew damn well she had to have had some connection to all of the recent events. He kept a note of her existence and appearance.
As the group made it back to the city, Sarion kept a curious eye on the female drow. It reminded him of what he did before he was kidnapped, and that he was so close to killing the Queen of the Drow. He felt like following her, mostly because of his previous ambition, but a thought overcame him at the same time: Was it really worth it? He felt that all of his efforts to take control of the drow were pointless compared to what Lutara had accomplished. He became more and more eager to go back to the facility, but was waiting to see what the others were planning on doing.

After he learned of everyone’s intentions to return back to their homes, the infernal blood of Sarion seemed to grab a hold of him. He wanted to continue Lutara’s experimentations. Once Sarion found out that everyone was leaving, he knew this was his chance. Lutara was dead, the heroes are leaving: this was his ultimate destiny. Taking control of the Drow was nothing more than practice to Sarion, for he knew they were just a means to an end. But this…What Lutara started, was simply unfinished. Sarion desired to find a way to carry out her legacy, and decided to head back to the facility.

His last words to his comrades were: “There is unfinished…business to attend to.” and walked off into the forest, heading towards the facility with the hopes of once again bringing the dead back under his command, not only for him, but his mistress of undeath: URGATHOA.

Sarion Unglad

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