Seer, God of Dreams

Seer, God of Dreams


Name: Seer-The God of Dreams
Titles: Solace and Ordeal, The Phantasm, The Sultan of Nightmares, The Arbiter of Bliss
Home: Internally his own dreams, physically anywhere.

Alignment: Neutral/evil

Portfolio: Creator of dreams, nightmares, fantasy, imagination, delusions, hallucinations.
Worshipers: He is loved and hated by all. Anyone who has a “good dream” love him but the moment they have a “bad dream” he is resented for it. He has no faithful followers.

Domains: Nightmares, Insanity, Healing, Torture
Favored Weapon: Scythe, but it’s really his mind
Symbol: A hole in a hourglass with sand escaping.
Sacred Animal: Brown Bat
Sacred Colors: Black and White

History: All his life, Seer had wanted one thing and one thing only, to live in the world of dreams, specifically HIS dreams. As the creator of all dreams…not just the good ones, Seer thought the world needed to live in a balanced state. No one was exempt from experiencing happiness when they were dormant. However, for every blissful dream in the world, Seer had to include nightmares. For two reasons: the first was to showcase that if he was taken for granted it would be a cruel reminder; the second was to prevent an all out war, Seer did not want followers dying for him. He knew he had the burden to spread out millions of dreams across the world, the last thing he wanted was people to focus on him after the dream was over. If Seer had it his way, he would be the only one to experience a dream state, he was the only one who never experienced a nightmare. It was a high like none other. But that all changed.

Seer prided himself on his imagination, in the world of fantasy Seer could do anything that he could put his mind to. He knew how to make even the most nihilistic person feel a sense of joy but if he wanted to he could make that feeling disappear. His favorite physical weapon of choice was a scythe in order to give his victims a quick death with one fell swoop His favorite weapon of choice was his mind, by simply expanding the enemies thoughts to what they believed to be reality Seer could enter in their imagination, once that happened Seer had no equal and if needed he could and would do anything to win the battle. Seer sometimes felt torture was…necessary. Be it physical torture or simply bringing up the worst memories his victims had encountered prior to meeting him, Seer knew all about the person once he was in their dream state. One night he gave a random middle aged man a nightmare, nothing graphic just a quick scare. After it was over he decided to enter his dream to relax himself, he loved to revisit his favorite dream: to fly above the clouds. As he was flying he noticed he started to bleed, he looked down and noticed the middle aged man had showed up and repeatedly shot arrows with the intent to kill Seer! Seer had woken up and felt a level anxiety he never felt before, in a fit of rage Seer entered the middle aged man’s dream again and gave him the worst level of torture he could imagine until the man had begged for death, to which Seer obliged. Despite not knowing why he experienced a nightmare he did discover one thing, torturing that man gave him a sense of high that only his dream state could achieve. He told a few of the Gods that he trusts about his nightmare such as Zaub the God of Wishes and Yore the God of Stories given that the two them tie into the good dreams of the people, but he only told one what he did after he experienced the nightmare: Ekaterina, the Goddess of Saddistic Pleasure. He found her intriguing and continues to learn more about her methods to give him ideas. He knows he’s bound to give out good dreams, but he now wants to go out of his way to give out vicious nightmares.

Relationships: Zaub, God of Wishes-considers him a friend as he wishes that he can live in a dream state for an eternity. Yore, God of Stories- he to considers him a friend since the concept of a dream is a story. Ekaterina: Goddess of Saddistic Pleasure-always found her intriguing prior to the “incident” but now seeks constant guidance from her. The only thing he fears is the God of Death, for if Seer were to die he would never be able to dream again.

Appearance: Tall, pale and lanky. He wears nothing but a black robe and has silvery hair that goes down to his shoulders.

Unique servants: none

Holy Text: The Hourglass- An old worn out book that could only be found in a dream state.

Holidays: Hibernation for bears, for humans it’s the moment they go to sleep.

Seer, God of Dreams

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